Commission Paid Up to 25% of retail 1
5 Year Residual 2
Reseller buys wholesale @ $59.95/mo
Participation Fee
$250 startup
$25/mo participation fee
(Covers demo license)
$5,000 startup
$59.95/mo participation fee
(Covers demo license)
License Retail Preferred Patron™
Retail Pricing
Set by Reseller
($79/mo minimum)
(reseller buys wholesale @ $59.95/mo)
Licenses Included Demo Demo
Billing By Preferred Market Solutions Reseller Direct
Reseller Markup No
Standard Retail
Reseller Manages Billing
License Holder Merchant Reseller
Brand Sold Preferred Patron White Label
Plastic Cards 10% Commission on Retail 30% Discount on Retail
Available Programs Any Reseller Configures
Startup Training "Remote Dial-in"
by Preferred Market Solutions
Reseller Provided
Premium Training $50 per ½ hr Reseller Provided
Support Included Reseller Provided
Support Contract Included Reseller Provided
Reseller Support Included Included
Reseller Training Included Included
Tablet Fees Standard $29.95/mo
rental fee to client
(per tablet)
$250.00 per Tablet Kit
(tablet, stand, kit)
Reseller may markup
1   20% commission, after payment processor fees, applies to retail prices of $69/mo and higher for software subscriptions. Commission on lower retail prices is retail less payment processor fees less $49.
2   Commissions will continue for five (5) years for each license sold, as long as Outside Sales Agent remains an active sales agent and client remains an active client. Outside Sales Agent is deemed inactive if they fail to sell 2 new licenses over a 12-month consecutive time period. If Outside Sales Agent fails to meet said quota, Preferred Market Solutions reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to continue or discontinue OutSide Sales Agent relationship and associated commissions. Client is deemed inactive once their account enters the cancelled status or is no longer funded.
3   Eligibility to participate subject to approval. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Participation requires a minimum license quota of 25 sustained licenses, commencing start of year two.

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